Alexander's long-term engagement with magic and theater

as well as his special and entertaining presentation, offers his audience several moments

of  laughter, making him one of the most talented Greek magicians.

He was born in 1982 in Athens.

He was bitten by the “magic bug”, at a very early age, when he saw with admiration

uncle Jimmy making coins appear from nowhere.

Over time, magic became an obsession and everyday engagement.

His companions slowly became his viewers and their gaze

his applause!

Since then, always in the light of his love for this art and respect for it,

he is striving for the best on both individual and collective level.

He has participated in workshops and seminars of leading world masters such as

Kevin James, David Stone, Lee Alex, Michael Vincent and others.

as well as seminars on theater, kinesiology and psychology.

In 2009 he took his first professional steps

and since then he has been presenting magic shows

in theaters, hotels, restaurants, weddings, homes, TV shows, night clubs,

conferences, exhibitions, event rooms etc.

Alexander, through his writing and the construction of new products,

adapts his program to the demands of every company and every kind of spectacle!

He has presented his program in the most famous theaters and shops of Athens

as well as in other countries such as

Cyprus, France, Italy, Bulgaria, leaving his audience speechless.

His viewers experience magic not only on stage but also close up, participating

in an interactive show which travels them

to the world of mystery!

Trusted by:

Coca Cola, Αlpha Bank, Camel, Nescafe, MOET Champagne, OTE, King George Hotel,

MTV, Star Channel, Chromata Ellados, ALPHA tv, Dixan, AMC, Divani Caravel Hotel, Gialino Music Theatre, Asteras Tripolis PAE, GERMANOS, Careffour,

Benefit Cosmetics, Sephora, La Prerie, An Art, Ecali Club, Grammatosimo,

Soho Club, Jazz Festival, The Mall Athens, Avenue Mall Athens,

Chytirio Theatre, YTON, El Convento Del Arte, CTC restaurant κ.π.α.

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